What are the opening hours?

Our trueVRCenter will open for advance reservations only. The following times are available for reservations:


14:00-22:00 (Double bookings or event bookings only)

14:00-22:00 (Double bookings or event bookings only)

* (Nur Doppelbuchungen oder Eventbuchungen)

Do I have to make a reservation?

Yes, our VR Center only opens for advance reservations. 
The simplest way to make a reservation is to use our "reservation" button. Unfortunately we cannot take reservations by phone.

General reservation information

There are different booking options that can be used for your reservation; however, with all these options the games will be played as closed groups:

Single round / group reservation
With this option you will have exclusive use of the arena for the desired time slot.

Example: If you reserve a 90-minute timeslot you will be able to play 3 rounds with up to 4 players. Whether you want to rotate some or all players between rounds is up to you.
Example: You want to play a round with one or more of your friends and reserve a 30-minute timeslot. This round will be exclusive, i.e. no other players will be added.


Double round
Double rounds are for groups that want to play two rounds in a row. However, there is no possibility to rotate players.

Example: You're a group of four and want to play "Temple of Diamond Skull" and afterwards "Patient Zero." After completing "Temple of Diamond Skull" you will remain in the game arena and immediately start "Patient Zero."

Team events
Companies wishing to hold team events can make reservations by e-mail. We are happy to organize catering or make other special arrangements according to your needs.

How do I get to the VR Center?

The center is located at Riedwiesenstrasse 23, 8305 Dietlikon.

There are 10 reserved parking spaces for visitors arriving by car.

For visitors arriving by public transport we recommend the following:
From the Dietlikon train station: Line 787 from Bahnhof/Bad up to the Brandbachstrasse stop. 

What does VR Center offer?

Our core-offering is our free roam full body experiences by  trueVRsystem for up to 5 participants.

We also provide a variety of small VR stations which can be used while waiting.

What is Free Roam Full Body?

Free-roam full-body VR is currently the most advanced way to experience virtual worlds. Using state-of-the-art technology players are fully immersed and their motions are captured and transmitted to other participants in real-time. 

Thanks to full-body technology not only the player's head but also his/her hands and feet are tracked providing the highest level of immersion. 

In short: A group of players can freely roam the virtual world inside a physical 200m² arena which is enhanced through 4D effects and real-world objects that make the experience even more authentic. 


Auf der Suche nach dem Sagen umwobenen Artefakt, dem Diamond Skull, begebt ihr euch in eine längst verlassene Tempelanlage.