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In search of the legendary artifact, the Diamond Skull, you will enter a long abandoned temple complex. 

Some civilizations believe the artifact was given to humanity by aliens and is the origin of the modern world, while others believe it is the origin of life in the universe.

To complete your adventure, you'll have to solve puzzles, avoid traps, overcome your fears and reach the end of the mission as a team. 

The Temple of Diamond Skull is ideal for first-time visitors, families and team events.

Zombie Shooter

It came as it had to come!

An incident occurred in a secret research laboratory for biological warfare agents. An experimental virus was released and turned all the test subjects into zombie-like creatures.

Despite immediate intervention, the virus managed to get out of the bunker facility. While other teams try to stop the undead in the area, your task is to penetrate the bunker and rescue the data of "Patient Zero". 

Patient Zero is best suited for shooter and action fans, zombie lovers and team events.


As the earth trembles under seismic activity and seething volcanoes, an almost forgotten Mayan myth could save humanity from harm. 


According to Mayan legend, evil awoke over Guatemala during the Blood Moon. The great Mayan priest defeated the evil with the help of a gift from the gods, which was hidden in the Tikal temple. 

Tikal - Night of the blood Moon is ideal for first time visitors, families and team events. 

Zombie Shooter

After the failed attempt to stop the zombies, we lost city after city to the undead. 

The retreat to more urban areas allowed the continuation of humanity, but lacks any infrastructure. A long-planned invasion into urban areas fails miserably. 

Your "Eagle One" has now received the order to support the evacuation.


The Lost City is ideal for shooter and action fans, zombie lovers and team events.


An artificial intelligence suddenly develops autonomously and takes over a behavioral research facility.


Imprisoned by the artificial intelligence, there is only one way out, you must prove your abilities and complete all the test rooms - only then will it release you to freedom.


Time is short, hurry up!

The Cube is best suited for experienced VR gamers and puzzle fans.
However, due to sensory illusions, we advise sensitive people not to play.

Player VS Player

Showdown is a competitive PvP shooter that will make your heart beat faster! 

You will be divided into two teams and placed in a kind of battle arena.  


The battle between the two teams takes place on 3 levels with different layouts.

Three maze-like levels await you. The first two levels have lifting platforms for variety, and the third level even has teleporters.

Showdown is best suited for shooter and action fans, groups who like to duel.

Under Development

Zombie Shooter

Patient Zero Escape is the sequel to Patient Zero.

After successfully rescuing the data, your team must now evacuate from the bunker facility.

The ammunition is almost exhausted, your squad is exhausted and the zombies are just getting into top form.

Can you escape?


Expected release: Q2/21 


Player VS Player

The sequel to Showdown.


In a desert city begins the "Showdown" between two rival troops.

New weapons, new features - even more fun!




Expected release: Q4/20

Adventure Shooter

Two mercenary teams infiltrate a Russian military base, unaware of what exactly they are up against.

The second team encounters unexpected resistance.

Fulfill your secret mission!

Expected release: Q1/21


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