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Genre: Adventure/Exploration


Explore the temple of a long-lost civilization with up to four players to find the legendary “Diamond Skull” artifact. While exploring the temple, you and your team will have to overcome multiple challenges. 

Take care - the temple complex is unstable and various traps are lurking within its ancient walls. 

Our recommendation for:

- Familys
- First time visitors
- team events
- As a weaponless adventure


Genre: Adventure/Exploration

The lores of the long-forgotten Mayan legends prove to be true...


You and your team are dispatched to stop the awakening of evil in the shadow of the blood moon

Our recommendation for:


- Familys

- First time visitors

- team events

- As a weaponless adventure


"Cube" is a puzzle game.


Locked in by an artificial intelligence, you have to prove your skills. T

he AI ​​will make life difficult for you with tasks and illusions.

Our recommendation for:


- Puzzle fans

- Experienced VR players, the game does not always follow the rules of nature

Under Development


"Patient Zero Escape" is the sequel to "Patient Zero".


After successfully downloading the data, your team now has to evacuate from the bunker system. The ammunition is almost used up, your troops are exhausted and the zombies are only in top form.


Can you escape?


Expected release: Q2 / 21


Two teams of mercenaries invade a Russian military base, not knowing what exactly is in store for them.


The second team encounters unexpected resistance.


Fulfill your secret mission!


Expected release:

Q4 / 20


Genre: Zombie Shooter


Your squad has been dispatched to stop the zombie invasion: In search of the original virus, you will be sent to a secret bunker to find the files of “Patient Zero” which are needed to develop an antidote.

Your ammunition is limited and there are no precise floorplans of the bunker...

Stop the undead and find the files!

Our recommendation for:

- Action Fans

- Zombie lover
- Teamevents


Genre: Zombie Shooter

For months, military forces have been planning a major combat operation to reclaim the city from the undead.


The mission fails and now your team must fight its way out through the zombie hordes. Headquarters, call sign “Godfather,” will instruct you on how to make it out alive.

Our recommendation for:


- Action Fans

- Zombie lover
- Teamevents


Genre: PvP Shooter


Showdown is a competitive PvP shooter that is sure to get your heart pumping!


You are split into two opposing teams and will be locked into an abandoned military warehouse.


The battle between the two teams will take place across three levels with different map layouts that keep the environment challenging.

Our recommendation for:


- ActionFans 
- Groups that want to duel


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